Housestaff Salaries, Benefits & Services

The University of Arizona College of Medicine Neurology Residency Program
All residents are appointed as Clinical Assistants at Banner University Medical Group. This is a year-to-year appointment.
The salary schedule as of January 31, 2017, the 2017-2018 will be as follows:

Clinical Assistant I     $54,886
Clinical Assistant II    $57,500
Clinical Assistant III   $60,113
Clinical Assistant IV   $62,936
Clinical Assistant V    $66,386
Clinical Assistant VI   $69,209
Clinical Assistant VII  $73,182

Banner Health provides professional liability coverage for residents/fellows. Such coverage extends to professional acts occurring in the course of resident/fellow’s responsibilities in the Training Program. This insurance provides coverage on an “occurrence” basis, or if claims made it will include unlimited extended claims reporting coverage (tail). This insurance does not cover resident/fellow for any activities performed outside the scope of the training program responsibilities. (e.g.,”Moonlighting”). Any resident/fellow exceptions must have prior approval from Banner Health's Risk Management.
Health, Vision, Dental:
Health and Dental provided for resident and family at no cost.  Banner Choice Plus Health Insurance (A premium applies for tobacco users).  Vision is available at a cost to resident.
Paid Time Off:
4 weeks
Meal cards are provided to house officers who are assigned overnight call duties at designated facilities.
Resident/fellow will be issued a name badge that will provide access to a designated parking area. Resident/fellow will not park at the Medical Center outside that parking area.
Family & Medical Leave:
Any resident or fellow is eligible to request a Family Medical Leave if he/she has been a Banner Health employee for at least one year and has worked at least 1250 hours in the 12-month period previous to the FMLA leave request. If eligible, the resident or fellow is entitled to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period for one or more of the following reasons:
a. The birth of a child,
b. The adoption of a child or the placement of a foster child,
c. To care for a seriously ill spouse, child or parent, or
d. A personal health condition making it impossible for the resident/fellow to perform his/her job.
Counseling Services:
Access to confidential counseling and psychological support services are offered to all residents/fellows and their families.