Please join us for our 2nd annual Neuroscience Symposium- March 10

The objectives of this program are to:
• Able to differentiate diagnosis for the patient with a movement disorder and identify appropriate management options
• Understand mechanisms of traumatic brain injury patients and neuropsychological impacts
• Identify neurological imaging findings and to learn recent advances in neuroimaging
• Understand special needs for different age group and gender in treatment of patients with epilepsy
• Describe how to prevent stroke and optimize the outcome of post-stroke care
• Understand how to evaluate memory deficit and decrease risks for dementia
Event Flyer
For questions or to request special accommodations while attending this symposium, please contact Katie MacTaggart: 602.839.2138 or
To Register for the Symposium:
602.230.CARE (2273) within Arizona
800.230.CARE (2273) outside of Arizona