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Comprehensive Treatment and Management of Migraine, Facial Pain, Tension-Type, Cluster, Chronic Daily, and other Headache Conditions 


Overview and Mission

The Headache Management program at the University of Arizona Department of Neurology includes a comprehensive outpatient program including procedure-based treatment of chronic migraine headache (e.g., Botox; nerve blocks); inpatient-based treatment for headache is also available at both University hospitals. 

Dr. John LaWall is the program director. An interdisciplinary treatment approach is employed utilizing: physical therapy, clinical pharmacy, pain management, and other professionals from a variety of disciplines who are available for consultation and direct patient care. The Department of Neurology headache physicians are members of the American Headache Society.


  • John LaWall, MD (Program Director)—ABPN, UCNS board certified
  • Wendi Kulin, MD—ABPN, UCNS board certified
  • Felesia MacFarland, MD—ABPN, UCNS board eligible (2014)
  • Satinder Sandhu, MD

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