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Comprehensive Treatment and Management of Migraine, Facial Pain, Tension-Type, Cluster, Chronic Daily, and other Headache Conditions 

Overview and Mission

The Headache Management program at the University of Arizona Department of Neurology includes a comprehensive outpatient program including procedure-based treatment of chronic migraine headache (e.g., Botox; nerve blocks); inpatient-based treatment for headache is also available at both University hospitals. 
Dr. John LaWall is the program director. An interdisciplinary treatment approach is employed utilizing: physical therapy, clinical pharmacy, pain management, and other professionals from a variety of disciplines who are available for consultation and direct patient care. The Department of Neurology headache physicians are members of the American Headache Society.


John LaWall, MD (Program Director)—ABPN, UCNS board certified
Wendi Kulin, MD—ABPN, UCNS board certified
Felesia MacFarland, MD—ABPN, UCNS board eligible (2014)

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